Chet A. Brewster, owner of DavenStar 1 Entertainment, has 29 years of experience behind the scenes, including work at CNN; film editing; producing; and directing live to film events such as the first nine Tyler Perry stage play DVD’s; The Kings of Comedy Tour; and Paul Mooney, The Godfather of Comedy. Additionally, Chet has provided both technical and directorial contributions to numerous television shows, specials, and awards shows for Showtime, BET, TBS, Bounce TV, Gospel Music Channel, PBS, and TV One.  He has been signed to direct two feature films, currently in pre-production and three sitcoms, one of which is currently being shopped to various networks.  Chet has a passionate vision for Hussie and is ready to apply his talent and expertise to bringing Towonda’s story to the screen.

Brewster won 3 Telly Awards: one for Comedy; one for Editing; and one for Videography/Cinematography. Each award was for the Showtime Paul Mooney comedy special he directed.

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